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Jesse Grillo – A Hermosa Beach Marketing Speaker

Jesse Grillo is a marketing company that is based in the heart of the Los Angeles municipal area. When functioning with clients in The golden state, this firm offers search engine optimization that is targeted at regional customers.

Organic Search Engine Optimization can be utilized to improve the rankings of websites which contain details that deals with a regional target market. Articles, images, videos as well as illustrations are typically placed into informative domain names that do not have any kind of commercial objectives.

Jesse Grillo is totally qualified of monetizing ecommerce websites that include listings of products and also solutions for sale. Sponsored ads can be introduced on internet search engine to drive website traffic to outside on-line shops.

Jesse Grillo is a business-to-business electronic marketing company with workplaces San Diego, CA, as well as Boston, MA. Started in 1996, the agency is passionate concerning taking complex data acquired with advanced advertising and marketing evaluation as well as insights as well as using it to remove basic, actionable details that assists its clients grow their businesses and also come to be extra reliable.

Over the years, Jesse Grillo has actually won various digital marketing awards that vouch for its know-how. A total variety of services is available, consisting of reducing edge analytics as well as understandings, organic search and web content advertising and marketing to develop brand names, social as well as paid media programs an data-driven UX and also CRO.

Approaching a digital advertising and marketing firm to maximize your net traffic conjures up a mental formula: how do you get the web traffic you want, for a cost you can pay for? Luckily, Jesse Grillo has choices to fit all sized businesses and also their demands. Jesse Grillo is a leading search engine coordinator. They utilize data from the most well known search engines to build a database of pros as well as disadvantages.

When a customer wishes to utilize this information, she or he will certainly have accessibility to numerous numbers, numbers, as well as graphs. This is very useful for a tiny startup or aspiring style group. Seo has actually grown significantly for many years, as well as Jesse Grillo has actually remained in advance of the game.

Critics have commended their interest to information and also readiness to believe outside package. They have options to all search engine issues. Jesse Grillo is a connective marketing firm that joins little accounts as well as huge entities. They have outreaches in the food, entertainment, and communications markets.

Clients work carefully with partners to develop modern methods and developments in the professional world. Jesse Grillo is well known for a selection of offerings that leaves no rock untouched. If you are looking for regular links for your business, Jesse Grillo has the ability to make unbelievable progression in this domain. Their group of professionals knows the most effective methods to set you up for future success.

Who is Jesse Grillo and what can he do for Hermosa Beach?

Jesse Grillo

They think that a strong partnership between client and firm is one of the very best means to utilize the advertising and marketing budget. Jesse Grillo offers important understanding for advertisers to analyze current as well as possible client-agency connections.

Jesse Grillo is the most seasoned consulting company carrying out agency reviews in the United States. He proactively and also confidentially aid marketers address client-agency partnership issues by supplying an extensive extent of expert consultancy services.

Their advertising and marketing was starts around three core values.

They function to a high ethical values, on the belief that when the finest people are lined up as well as motivated, they can develop brands and also services.

They make certain impartiality by not billing any kind of registration fees. We do no recruiting from the firms. Hermosa Beach Marketing is the leading global organisation working as a consultant committed to helping firms obtain even more from their advertising and marketing resources.

Jesse Grillo advises customers big as well as little to pick the right marketing interactions agency companion for organisation growth. Notably, he has an expert’s understanding of how agencies work … creative, digital, social, Public Relations, experiential, sponsorship/event marketing, buyer and more. The companions have collectively over five years of client as well as company elderly monitoring experience.

Established in 2010, Hermosa Beach Marketing supplies high degree, critical guidance to advertisers. The Allies have more than 50 years of leading management marketing, advertising, service and also seeking advice from experience. They have been effective company leaders, customers and specialists as well as bring that 360-degree point of view to their clients.

Our experts have actually been collaborating with leading online marketers across Europe, North The U.S.A., Africa and also Asia for years. Our processes are designed to provide useful results by leveraging our consultant’s extensive proficiency.

They dig deeper and also spend more resources to read more concerning international, regional and also neighborhood companies– throughout all advertising and marketing self-controls, including the most up to date in digital, mobile and also social media.

They don’t earn charges from agencies associated with our advertising and marketing solutions work. They stay unbiased, unbiased as well as focused.

Today more than ever, marketers have to drive higher performances and also reveal tangible results. Hermosa Beach Marketing offers assistance at every stage of preparation, purchase, source allowance, company selection and connection administration.

With offices in Los Angeles, Jesse Grillo has a worldwide network ability to help also the largest of worldwide customers who may have nationwide, local and also regional needs worldwide. Customers constantly inform us that our insights and point of view add significant value at every action along the method, which our win-win approach has actually helped them attain much better advertising outcomes.

They have worked well with advertising monitoring as well as purchase administration at many Fortune 500 business. Hermosa Beach Marketing Advertising is the leading search specialist in North America, offering customers globally.

Jesse Grillo has actually offered almost every major industry encouraging clients with annual marketing spending plans of $10 million to $1 billion. It’s no longer about just discovering the appropriate agency resources. Hermosa Beach Marketing is the leading worldwide company consultancy dedicated to assisting business increase their marketing sources.

Learn How To Build Influence In Any Field From a Marketing Guru

Some people seem to be naturally charismatic and have a magnetic pull that resonates with the people around them. A small percentage of those people were probably born that way, coming from the womb with a knack for attracting others to their causes. For a Marketing Guru, influence is something we learn through trial and error and by observing leaders who exhibit characteristics that contribute to their ability to impact how others behave.

As a self-proclaimed awkward loner, I was of the breed that required a great deal of training to reach the ranks of the influential. It wasn’t until my manager at a sales job asked me to read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People that I realized something was fundamentally wrong with my ability to interact with customers and clients.

After reading the book, I recognized for the first time what was wrong. I was nice, people enjoyed talking to me and I made friends once in awhile, but I had never learned how to inspire people to do something different based on my recommendations. I wasn’t getting sales– at all– and it was because I had never learned to master the principles of influence.

Today, I run a social enterprise women’s association with over a thousand members, have presented a TEDx Talk and now sell services from magazine advertising to PR contracts with ease.

The secret to my success is a framework I coined called “The 4 Keys to Influence,” which I published in a 32-page workbook. The framework is based on my research in social psychology, evolutionary psychology and other texts that describe human interaction and the accumulation of power. The following are the basic tenets of the framework:

Present a powerful presence.

We all know the saying “dress for the job you want,” but it’s easy to forget this principle when going about our day-to-day life. Our presence is both the way we walk into a room and the clothes we wear on our bodies. It’s the first thing people judge when they see us and dictates a huge part of the impressions we make.

To hone this Marketing Guru skill, it’s important to be attentive to your body language and learn to present yourself with power while making others feel a connection to you. On the outside, your brand should be a reflection of the expectations they have for what a leader in your field should look like. To get ideas, look at the top influencers in your industry and take note of how they dress and present themselves in the public eye.

You’ll find that many sales and leadership books spend most of their time teaching this topic. It’s because this is the most hard but essential to learn skill that will help you build influence and get people to follow you or buy from you.

Build a reputation as an authority.

Who are you more likely to listen to when it comes to your money, the guy with the MBA or the guy with a sociology degree and no experience? It’s a harsh point, but one that must be made to become a Marketing Guru. People follow those who have authority, so it’s your job to create a brand that screams credible.

A degree is just one way to build authority. Being endorsed by a high-level industry leader, having many years of experience or receiving lots of testimonials and referrals are all additional ways that you can become known as a credible leader. I learned from my Marketing Guru that getting PR is one of my favorite ways to increase credibility.

Look for opportunities to strengthen your resume and be sure to showcase your credibility in visible ways to make sure people can see you as an authority when making decisions to hire or buy from you.

Demonstrate visibility and consistency.

The last two parts of the four keys come as a pair. It’s important to be consistently visible to your audience in order to establish yourself as a trusted resource. This really goes back to our natural safety measures as human beings. We rely on familiarity to demonstrate that something we have encountered is safe.

Just like Stephen Covey describes in his book, Speed of Trust, decisions are made more quickly when we trust the source of information. When they trust you and your product 100%, imagine how much faster your customers will choose to buy. Trust reduces hesitation, so by building a plan to be consistently visible to your audience, you can make it easier for them to make the decision to follow your lead or take action to hire you or buy from you.

The four keys to influence is a great framework to think about how you can become a Marketing Guru in your industry. It’s also useful for short-term projects, such as a product launch or marketing plan. Use this framework to guide your thinking. How can you create a stronger presence, build authority and be consistently visible to your audience? Thinking this way will help you to become more influential in any field of business.

6 reasons to work with a marketing consultant

Are you skeptical when you hear the term “marketing consultant”? You may be shocked to understand how many entrepreneurs swear by their services.

It’s simple to get prideful and think you have whatever under control. While pride may belong to the human condition, they also state it comes prior to the fall.

If you require some help, it’s time to consider working with an expert. The best one can bring a great deal of value to the table.

Exactly what’s a marketing specialist?
While lots of online marketers declare to be “consultants” at some time in their careers, the majority of do not start out that method. Specialist work is generally the by-product of a profession spent operating in a range of different areas of marketing– normally with a terrific degree of success.

” A lot of marketing consultants have acquired years of experience in previous marketing positions prior to entering the independent consulting field. While numerous years of experience are perfect for specialists, their previous work speaks louder than the amount of time they’ve invested in marketing,” Marketing-Schools. org describes.

” Business look for consultants with portfolios that reveal terrific success. In addition, business look to work with on consultants who have the instructional support needed to execute tactical marketing projects.”

When searching for a marketing consultant, you have a variety of options. The 2 most common are to (a) utilize a specialized consulting firm, or (b) work with a freelance expert The latter choice has actually ended up being more popular recently, as there are now a number of online networks that make it simple for companies to browse for a good fit.

The pay rate for a specialized marketing specialist differs with experience and previous distinctions. You can find an entry-level specialist for $50 or less an hour, whereas a knowledgeable and in-demand expert might cost countless dollars per day. It all depends upon what you require.

Six needs to hire an expert.
Let’s get down to the meat of the problem: How are companies expected to understand when they should work with a marketing expert instead of adding another online marketer to the payroll? Exactly what are the benefits and why are so lots of companies doing it?

1. Outside perspective
The number one reason to hire a marketing specialist is for the outside point of view. You may have put together the most talented team of online marketers in the world, however you’ll always be blinded by some level of bias. A specialist, on the other hand, can be found in and see things clearly without being impacted by the problems that weigh you down.

2. Specialized capability
Marketing consultants always have a basic background and knowledge of ways to manage a range of various needs, however the majority of have a specialized ability to use. You’ll discover consultants who specialize in Pay Per Click campaign optimization or content marketing. When you deal with these folks, you can rapidly target a specific location without wasting time, loan, or resources.

3. Short-term commitment
Numerous business leaders– maybe you included– find themselves in a dilemma in between hiring a new full-time marketing staff member or bringing on a marketing consultant. The most significant advantage of doing the latter is that a consultant is short-term.

4. Conserves time
Employing an expert is quick and easy. This allows you to invest less time focusing on logistics and more time taking action. As a result, you can deal with problems much quicker and prevent little issues from becoming huge problems that will eventually need extra resources that you don’t have.

5. Evades workplace politics
” In some cases, when business are working on a tough issue or a controversial project, it can be difficult for them to make decisions or take the needed actions without getting involved emotions or politics,” management specialist Alex Nuth describes. “So, they bring in experts to provide an unbiased eye and do some of the unclean work for them.”

There are so lots of personal factors in play that nothing ever gets done. A marketing consultant doesn’t have to stress about any of these things and can get to work with minimal interference.

6. Increases accountability
It’s easy for organisation owners and CEOs to lose focus and divert off track. This is normally the result of a lack of accountability. When a specific discovers himself in a position of power, accountability dissipates and the capability to act autonomously frequently clouds judgment and choice making. When a consultant is worked with, accountability unexpectedly reenters the photo. The consultant will develop conferences, set goals and offer objectives that need to be satisfied by certain checkpoints. This is excellent for everyone included.

Finding the right fit
At the end of the day, employing a marketing consultant is all about finding the right fit. There are a great deal of experts in the market, but you won’t be successful if you can’t discover one that fits your needs. This implies accounting for their area of knowledge, budget plan, time frame, and other crucial elements like area, current workload and more.

One particularly important issue to think about is the fee of a marketing consultant. Be practical about what does it cost? you can spend. As specialist Leo Pound asks, can you manage not to work with the right individual?

” You can dig a much deeper hole for your company either by employing the wrong firm, or by not employing the ideal firm,” Pound points out. “Employing the best firm could well be the best cash you will ever invest in your organisation. Will you be billed for one person or several experts?”

Once you determine that you need a specialist, right away focus on information like these. The best fit will make all the difference worldwide.

Best Bars in Chicago

Over the past few years, Chicago IL has embraced new innovations and creative concepts, no wonder it has a slew of scintillating restaurants and bar. Do you love rum? Or, do you fancy old Scotch whiskey? Or, are you prepared for four-rums-in-a-cherry kind of evening?

The best bars in Chicago have everything from posh ambiances to comprehensive food options to one-of-a-kind drinks. The city’s local bar scene is as complete as the city. These bars appeal both the regular folks and hipsters.

Here is our Chicago happy hour guide to yours!

#1 Nighthawk

If you open any bar app in Chicago, you will come across this name – “Nighthawk”. This is one of the finest bars in the neighborhood. Most Chicagoans love this place. It has a comfortable ambiance, chilled out environment and cool drink options. There is nothing fancy about the Nighthawk. It is a simple place where you can hang out with your dear ones and have fun.

Key Take Away – You will find nothing gimmicky in this local bar. It is a simple place for a casual drink.

#2 Half Acre Beer Company

Spending time at the Half Acre Beer Company in a wonderful experience. This local bar was founded by ambitious brewers in North Center. If you are looking for board games and wooden decors, Half Acre is an ideal destination for you.

Key Take Away – You must try Chef Lacasse’s classy menu options. The burritos and special drinks are a must try.

#3 Analogue

Analogue is located in Logan Square. This is a booming cocktail bar with a rotating drinks menu, shots and beers. Analogue inspires and attracts casual New Orleans. Inside this cocktail bar, you will see features from an old 80s rock club.

Key Take Away – You must try Analogue’s Cajun food.

#4 Quiote

Our happy hour finder spots another bar in Logan Square – Quiote. Many visitors consider them one of the best bars in Chicago but let us know if you agree. If you wish to understand the culture and longevity of this neighborhood, you must visit the Quiote. This local bar is always packed. This bar features everything from old interiors to mescal martinis to fancy basement parties.

Key Take Away – You must try Quiote’s tequila cocktail and its characteristic crab tostadas.

#5 Delilah’s

Any Chicago Nightlife guide will be incomplete without “Delilah’s”. This is a great destination to save yourself from boredom. Delilah’s is rich with metalheads, hipsters, and mixed drink varieties. Delilah has Chicago’s largest and finest whiskey collection.

Key Take Away – Delilah offers affordable beer options. This party place is a tribute to ska, rock and metal music.

Why do you need a marketing consultant?

Since when the tornado of technology has hit the business industry, the business community is learning each and every method to tap the opportunities to maximize the sales offered by the online world. The Internet is a wide large world which offers unlimited exposure and brand creation options. However, it is not possible for everyone to market their products and services online all by themselves.

We need experts to do the online marketing and branding of the products and services offered by the business. In this writing output, we will discuss what the marketing consultants do? However, first, let’s understand what a marketing consultant is?

Basically, a marketing consultant is a person that helps the business in marketing and sales to enhance the revenues. The marketing consultants are the experts in their areas and know every method and tool requires to create a business identity.

A professional marketing consultant will first dig into your business and then search the right market for you to offer your product and services. However, here the question is why we would need the one as we can enhance our sales all by ourselves? Some of the most valid reasons associated with hiring a marketing consultant are mentioned below.

Reasons for hiring Expert marketing consultant

Expert in his field:

Being a business owner, you are expert in your area of specialization. The same is true when it comes to a marketing consultant. These are expert in their skills and possess the authentic and accurate knowledge to plan a perfect online marketing strategy. So, it would be wise to leave the marketing task to the experts. A consultant will study your business practices thoroughly and then transfer the knowledge regarding your products to the end customers in the best possible manner.

Understand the competition:

No matter how much aware you could be, a consultant has far more knowledge and time than you. He could not only analyze your target market but also analyze your competitors. Marketing is not a guarantee to enhance sales until it is paddled in the right direction. A professional marketing consultant will gather the thorough information regarding your competitors and then plan the marketing strategy accordingly.

Brand your business:

A marketing consultant’s main job is to create a business identity of the business among the target customers. However, we also need them to not only create that identity but to maintain that as well. With the use of right marketing tools, social media platforms, and techniques, every business gets the maximum exposure to their target market. Trust me the more your customers know about you, the more they trust your offerings and the better will be your returns.

Outsourcing shares the burden:

Although it is quite possible for a business to do marketing all by itself. However, would not it be wise to focus on the key business strength and leave the rest to the others? Outsourcing the marketing and branding will not only share your burden but also helps you to focus on your business to improve your services and products.

Hiring a marketing consultant is a hectic job in itself. However, if you want someone who handles your overall branding needs, then there is no perfect choice than Jesse Grillo. He offers his valuable services in the field of SEO, sales, branding, social media marketing, and computer automation programming.

Hire the best marketing consultant in town today and boost up your marketing strategy.

Top 5 Motivational Speakers in the World

Top 5 Motivational Speakers in the World

While speaking itself requires a lot of talent and stuff, motivational speaking is not simple at all. Being a motivational speaker a lot will always be expected out of you. You will always have to carry a lot real as well as inspirational tales in your pocket to sprinkle them as a part of your conversational on the go. A motivational speaker has to be original and should have the ability to touch, inspire and change the lives of the people. It is true that we hardly find such people. So here are some of the best motivational speakers, who have changed the lives of multitudes. Let’s get to the list.

Top 5 Motivational Speakers in the World

Eric Thomas:

Apart from being one of the important speakers, Eric Thomas has other dimensions as well. He runs an organisation that can cater educational and athletic counselling. He is a writer and had authored three books and is a preacher as well. Eric Thomas has a tough beginning as a child. He had to drop out of school and leave his house at a tender age. Though Eric Thomas is recognised across the world now, he had a very humble start. He has come a long way off to reach this position.

Les Brown:

Les Brown is one of the well-known American speakers across the globe. Being abandoned as a child, nothing good apart from being adopted was the greatest thing that happened a part of his childhood. Almost all the people who have listened to the talks of Les Brown know that he was adopted by a woman and that he had a medically-deficient childhood. Fighting all these odds, Les Brown has reached wherever he is today.

Nick Vujicic:

Nick is simply the embodiment of miracle, courage and determination walking around. If perseveration has a form, then it would definitely have to resemble Nick. It can be quite common to come across a person with no limbs in mercy homes, social organisations and NGOs, but not this one. This man is very much different. He has got onto all the national and international platforms. This guy is multi-talented. Imagine there are no limbs, both hands and legs, and still, he can do stuff like painting and swimming. So the list doesn’t end. He can speak well and is a person with a lot of humour. While his life itself is an inspiration, his words are better.

Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins is a multi-dimensional person. Apart from being a world-class motivational speaker, he is also a great philanthropist and writer. He has a couple of books to his credit and 4 million people visit his seminars on a yearly basis. All his books belong to the motivational genre, and most of the seminars are the infomercial ones. Tony Robbins calls himself a life coach. He has expertise in helping a person get rid of emotional and psychological trauma apart from making feel inspiring.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Most of us know Arnold Schwarzenegger only as a successful actor who has had a great and legendary existence in cinema for over 40 years. But he is also a great motivational speaker. Being a top-notch personality across the world his words and his hard work has been a great inspiration to millions of people across the globe.  This is the reason as to why Arnold Schwarzenegger is one among the best motivational speakers of the world.


4 Things to do Before Attending a Conference

4 Things to do Before Attending a Conference

Not all of us are blessed with the opportunity of going to a conference and not the ones that we attend are good. Any conference that helps you gain knowledge in a field that you are working or any conference that adds to your knowledge and helps you retain it forever is what you call a good and beneficial one. However, the conference will not turn out to be a successful one unless you have a warm-up session and go for some preparation beforehand.  Preparing for the session can help you gain better knowledge and gives you a better understanding of the conference which might not be the case otherwise. So here are some of the things that you have to do in order to prepare for a conference.

Know the speakers:

4 Things to do Before Attending a Conference

Most of the times the organisers who arrange the conference look for the best speaker to act as the resource person. Not only should he be a knowledgeable person, but he is also supposed to take care of the speaking skills. He must be a good speaker as well. Getting to know about this speaker and your peer-audience will help us to remain humble and speak when required. Also understanding the audience and the speaker will also avoid other complications and pre-judgemental issues based on the person’s external behaviour and his looks.

Be tech-ready:

These days there is nothing that can exist without technology. So make sure that you carry all your technical stuff and be technology-ready to attend the session. You need not have to assemble everything in the world and carry an unnecessary baggage but do not miss out anything that would make the conference a better place to stay. Keep your apps ready if in case they are required. It is always decent to carry a laptop with you.

Never forget your stationery:

The moment I say the word stationery what comes to your mind is the pen and the notepad that we would usually carry to a conference. Though times are changing and we are becoming more and more tech-friendly, certain age-old concepts will never find a replacement. This is the reason as to why we will always have to carry a notepad and a pen. Quick notes are better taken with a pen manually. So do not forget this stuff.

Learn the subject beforehand:

Most conference sessions are expected to be interactive. You are considered worthy only when you elevate yourself to the level of your audience and the speakers. So whenever you are expected to attend a conference, in most cases, you are already aware of what the session is going to deal with. So this is the reason as to why you should try to get some knowledge about the top that conference deals with. This will make the session more interesting, and you will learn, listen and understand better.


You’re on the spot, now what?

There’s nothing worse than being on the spot and not knowing what to say. It’s the perfect recipe for extreme embarrassment, and the horror of it can traumatize even the most resilient of hearts. In the past, I would start sweating profusely in an instantaneous attack of nerves that I hoped no one would see. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare for the unexpected, and these simple strategies have helped me gain the confidence to handle being put on the spot. Here are 3 easy strategies for improving your impromptu public speaking skills. Regardless of how you choose to handle these situations, the bottom line is to be authentic through your voice and actions.

#1- Divide and conquer

You can always take apart a subject into different categories: pros and cons, before and after, the past, the present and the future, etc. Breaking down an idea into a couple of categories also helps you organize your thoughts in an instant. I have a friend who almost always starts his opinions by saying “Well, there are two ways to look at it…” or “I have two thoughts about that…” This strategy is especially useful when you are given a general topic to talk about or comment on. Here’s one I got recently, “Hey Alex, you’re from Venezuela, why don’t you tell us about that?” I handled it by telling them the best and worst aspects of living in Venezuela. Divide your ideas into different categories, and you will conquer these public speaking opportunities.

#2- Always carry a story with you

Craig Valentine, the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, says that after he won the championship, it wasn’t enough to prepare for speeches; he had to learn to stay prepared to speak. One way you can stay prepared is to always have a couple of interesting stories ready to share with a willing crowd. If you’re put on the spot, you can always transition to your story by saying something like “well, this reminds me of a funny encounter I had…” or “I don’t know anything about that, but I do have  a story to share with you…” Use this technique as a back-up plan to Divide and

Conquer, unless your story happens to relate perfectly to the topic at hand. Also, look for ways to make the storyrelevant to the occasion or audience. In other words, move on to #3 if you’re asked to talk about financial management and the only interesting stories you can think of are about horse racing (which can be relevant, but you get the point).

#3- Be reactive

If you can’t think of ways to divide your ideas, and no stories come to mind, then your best bet is to be reactive. You can react to the events you’ve seen that day, comment on what someone else said, or say something about how you’re feeling being there. Something else may pop into your mind in the meantime, but the important point is to stay honest and authentic.

Tip of the Week: Save an Extra Copy on Google Docs

Google Docs can help you create an additional level of backup in case your computer explodes in the middle of your presentation. I usually upload an extra copy of my Powerpoint onto Google Docs in case I have any technical difficulties with my computer.

This way, I can use anyone’s computer to access the internet, and play the presentation straight from the cloud. Keep in mind, however, that presentations over 1000MB won’t upload to Google Docs.  Also, Google Docs doesn’t support transitions, so this will be a very simplified version of your Powerpoint. I usually like to check it to make sure all the font sizes transferred correctly. Just yesterday I added a presentation that seemed to upload everything correctly, except the font size was just a tiny bit bigger than in was supposed to, and it pushed an entire line of text out of view in one of the slides.

Putting these limitations aside, Google Docs can be your safety-net in case all else fails. If this isn’t enough for you, you can always be paranoid like me, and carry another additional copy of the presentation on a USB drive

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