About Us

I’m Alex Cequea (Pronounced: “Say-Kay-Ah”) and I started The Speaker Point in February 2011. I am a speaker, writer, prankster, sustainability activist, and a communications coach/consultant. I’ve built this site to share knowledge and inspiration about this field with other curious seekers and seasoned professionals. I am passionate about creating a better world through out words, thoughts, and actions. I am constantly learning, and my goal for this site is to create meaningful, useful, high-quality content that helps you become an excellent communicator. The kind of communicator I strive to be.

During the day, I am the Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine (The #1 magazine for all things iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). The rest of the time, I participate in Toastmasters events and speak at other venues on topics such as: sustainability, marketing and social media branding, connecting with Gen Y and We, spiritual activism, and how to use story-telling techniques to engage audiences. I also do custom presentations and speech evaluations.

I have an MBA in Sustainable Business from Maharishi University, and I’m passionate about personal development, technology, meditation, sustainability, and fresh fruit juices of all kinds. I also created the Public Meditation Project, a group that organizes and tracks meditation flash-mobs around the world. The project has won numerous awards, and has been featured in Andrew Cohen’s EnlightenNext Magazine.

When I’m not working on this site or spending time with my wife, I like to work-out, watch TV shows on Netflix, or read the works of Tim Ferriss, Nancy Duarte, Chris Guillebeau, Scott Berkun, Max Simon, Steve Pavlina, or Dan Brown.