CBD for Public Speaking

No matter how confident you think you are, public speaking can turn your world upside down. It’s one thing to speak in front of a group of friends and another thing to speak in front of a group of complete strangers, people you never saw in your entire life.

Even successful speakers admitted to having a problem the first times they had to speak in public. If you have to speak in public and you need some help, visiting thespeakerpoint.com may help you out. But, until then, let us take a look at public speaking and how to do this better with the help of CBD.

What do you feel when you need to appear in front of a crowd of people, knowing that you will have to speak and all eyes will be on you? You will feel your heart rhythm picking up and your heart pounding in your chest. You will feel sweaty palms, cold shivers down your spine, and your breathing becoming more difficult to achieve.

Maybe your knees will start shaking and so will your voice. In those moments, you would prefer hiding in a dark corner than having so many people watching your every move. Why do we feel this way? Each of us wishes to be accepted and appreciated, so the fear of not being accepted, because we failed at doing what we’re supposed to do, makes us feel at unease.

Just think how a person suffering from anxiety would feel experiencing the entire plethora of emotions mentioned earlier.

All of us experience anxiety in certain conditions, more or less. But, for some people, anxiety can end up affecting their life quality and, in case of public speaking, can turn the entire event into a terrifying experience. Fear and anxiety are two emotions that help the brain become more alert to what is happening around you so that in case of danger you will be able to flee, take cover, or do whatever you’re supposed to do in order to survive.

But, such things are not necessary while speaking in public. There’s nothing threatening or dangerous about it. So, why do we feel it? Maybe because we feel vulnerable and exposed in front of so many people. Maybe because we let our worries and insecurities take over, constantly thinking that we will babble or say something wrong.

If our brain would just slow down a little so we can have more control over our thoughts and reactions, public speaking wouldn’t be so bad. CBD oil can help here, especially if it is used prior to the public speaking event. One just has to use a few drops of CBD oil and a calm state of mind will get installed in just a couple of minutes.

This is due to the fact that anandamide, which is an endocannabinoid activated by cannabidiol, works on reducing the brain’s hyperactivity and high state of alertness. In other words, your brain will receive signals that everything is okay and it can calm down now, as there is no danger nearby.

When your brain is calmer, it is easier to control the situation and unroll your thoughts as desired. On the thespeakerpoint.com, you can find several CBD speakers that help people find out more about CBD and its benefits not just in the case of public speaking, but for other purposes as well.

The fact that CBD oil helps with public speaking is not based just on mere assumptions. Studies were made and improvements were noticed in the case of people that used CBD oil before attempting to speak in public. Their level of anxiety diminished, they felt less discomfort when speaking in public, and they were less impaired from a cognitive point of view.

So, the fact that cannabidiol helps with anxiety, in general, makes it the ideal remedy for reducing anxiety before a public speaking event as well. The best part is that CBD oil does not trigger addictions, so you can use it only when needed. If you are not suffering from anxiety on a daily basis, but feel uncomfortable and nervous when you have to speak in front of an audience, you can use CBD only in these cases.

We all need to be aware that anxiety comes in many forms. Triggering factors for both stress and anxiety can be anywhere, although public speaking is a common factor for most people. Fortunately, it was noticed that CBD can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, allowing us to focus on what we have to do.

Anxiety can be paralyzing in some instances, making our brain turn completely blank and leaving us in the impossibility of knowing what we have to do. This can be very frustrating and embarrassing, especially when we have to speak in public.

CBD oil works so great in regulating our mood and mental state because our own endocannabinoid system influences our appetite, mood, memory, and other important anatomical functions. Due to the fact that CBD has a similar structure with our body’s cells, it rapidly binds with our endocannabinoid system and repairs whatever is not working.

Or it restores balance, allowing our organism to function in regular parameters. CBD even works on regulating blood flow and oxygen consumption at a cellular level, this is why one feels this state of calmness after taking CBD. Usually, a very low dose is required in this case, to get the desired results.

So, next time you have to speak in public and you know this is giving you a hard time, CBD oil can be a solution worthy of your consideration. But, make sure you get your CBD from reliable sources and always check the quality and purity of the product.

As for public speaking, thespeakerpoint.com can help you acquire the skills you need and support to end such an event in a successful manner. With a bit of practice and some help from CBD, you can become a public speaker that is confident and calm on stage. It all lies in a bit of science and gaining experience in this sector.