Do Cannabis Edibles help with Stage Fright

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Considering all the things that people are most afraid of, stage fright may be one of the more inexplicable. There is no danger of physical harm and since most people are taught that the opinions of others should not matter, it does seem unnatural that fear of public speaking or performing should be so strong. But there are ways you can reduce the fear such as using cannabis edibles.

Most episodes of stage fright are manageable. A slightly queasy feeling, some butterflies in the stomach, and increased sweating is all part of the fear response. However, for those who have stronger symptoms, such as nausea or social anxiety disorder (SAD), then taking a substance to calm you down has benefits. Unfortunately, some medications and alcohol have downsides that far outweigh their benefits in terms of reducing anxiety.

How Cannabis Edibles Can Help

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Anxiety disorders may grow out of control if not recognized and addressed properly. Issues with the stomach, diarrhea, feeling out of breath, and a rapid heartbeat only increases the stress levels which creates even worse issues for your health. This is where cannabis edibles can play a strong role in reducing the symptoms of social anxiety disorder and fear of public speaking.

Most people are aware of the relaxing effects that marijuana has on the mind and body. In states where cannabis is legal either for recreational or medical use, you can use edible forms of cannabis that contain all the helpful ingredients without having to inhale it into your lungs. The natural effects cannabis offers that counters anxiety can be most helpful in overcoming stage fright.

Cannabis edibles work with the cannabinoid receptors that are found in your lungs, kidneys, liver, and other organs. By affecting how blood cells are formed and working with the immune system, adding cannabis products can help influence your mood which in turn helps to reduce stress. This is because the cannabis interacts with the natural cannabinoids in your body. When used properly, it can reduce the stress and anxiety to manageable levels.

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There are different brands of edibles that have different ratios of THC compared to the CBD or cannabidiol that is also present in the product. There is even one that is combined with chocolate, which not only makes it taste better, but also has properties that might help relax you.

Side Effects: Keep in mind that cannabis affects everyone differently. While some may have a mild reaction, others may experience something stronger or unexpected. In fact, in some cases the presence of THC may actually increase levels of anxiety. This is normally due to the dissociation effect that THC produces which creates feelings of uncertainty for those who have never experienced it before.

This is why for those who have never tried cannabis edibles before that you take only a small amount at first and judge the results. Most people will only experience a mild, relaxing effect. However, if you should experience something stronger, then you might consider taking CBD oil or cannabidiol instead.


Often called CBD oil, cannabidiol is an alternative to cannabis edibles that contain THC, the hallucinogenic substance most commonly associated with marijuana. CBD oil is often derived from hemp and contains many of the same relaxing elements as cannabis, but without the THC. Although edible products made from cannabis do not have the same effect when consumed compared to being inhaled, they are still stronger compared to CBD oil.

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This means that for those who have a fear of public speaking, stage fright, or social anxiety disorder, CBD oil offers an alternative. Since it does not THC in any significant amounts, the anti-stress properties can work to reduce the levels of stress quickly. Plus, for those who experience social anxiety disorder, it can be used regularly to keep levels of anxiety down. This not only means experiencing benefits when speaking in public, but also in keeping the levels of stress down so they do not cause harm to the body.

Side Effects: There are considerably fewer side effects when taking CBD oil compared to cannabis edibles that contain THC. The lack of THC in CBD oil means that the overall effect is mild, but still relaxing.

Differences between THC and CBD

Arguably the biggest difference is that THC contains hallucinogens while CBD does not. Even in small amounts, THC may have unexpected effects on the mind and perception while CBD only provides a more relaxed feeling which is mild at best. For those who consume edibles that contain THC, they should keep in mind that the effect is reduced compared to inhaling. This is because the digestive system tends to destroy or pass through some of the THC without absorbing it.

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If you work for a company that tests for THC, then you will not want to use any product that may contain it. This includes CBD oil which is normally free of THC, but it is possible that small traces may exist. While not enough to affect you, it may be in sufficient amounts that it shows up on during drug testing. Also keep in mind the laws of your state in regard to cannabis consumption.

Keep in mind that your fear or stage fright will not disappear, but it will be reduced to manageable levels which is the goal of both cannabis products and CBD oil. There is no hard and fast rule for reducing social anxiety, stage fright, or fear of public speaking. Products that work for some may not work for others. Plus, the reasons why such anxiety occur may differ as well. So, you should try different products to see which one has the right effect.

While no one is sure what causes social anxiety disorder, you can overcome stage fright and fear of public speaking by using cannabis edibles or CBD oil. Safe, effective, and with far fewer side effects compared to other means of reducing anxiety, you can successfully address your fear of speaking in public and reduce anxiety when needed by using these products.