Send me your video and get free public speaking feedback

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to provide the best value for readers of this site. I put a lot of time and energy into every post, and my overall philosophy is “Quality and Consistency.” Everything I post must be useful or insightful information that will can help you improve your communication skills (quality), and I will post something every week (consistency). As an aspiring professional speaker myself, I want to learn and improve but also help others improve. If we all communicate better, then the world will not only be a better (and easier to understand) place, but we will all benefit from each other’s growth. I also got inspired by a Steve Pavlina post that talks about continuously creating and delivering value to others.

So here it is, the grand result of daydreaming for many hours:
Send me a video of yourself speaking or giving a short presentation, and I, along with any other readers of this site, will leave you feedback in the comments section to help you improve your presentation skills.

Send videos or Youtube links to

I will put each video in its own post, and put them under the “speech analysis” category on the site.

Here’s the reasoning behind why I think this will work:

As speakers we need continuous feedback.
Feedback is easy to give when people can access your talk at any time, and from anywhere.
The anonymity of the internet may make it easier for new speakers to get objective feedback (and for readers to give objective feedback).
Making a YouTube video of yourself speaking is relatively easy to do.
Feedback will come from other readers of this site, who are generally also speakers themselves.
I like this idea for several reasons:

We all hear presentations periodically, so we are all “experts” at being audience members. We can give feedback at the very least from an audience member perspective. Seasoned speakers can give more in-depth feedback based on experience.
Other readers will be able to see the short speech + the feedback, and get the benefit of learning from both! I think this is a big deal because it means that the benefit of getting feedback multiplies with every new reader.
This creates a community of speakers looking to improve. It’s like a free virtual Toastmasters club that anyone can join at anytime. I love it!
Thanks for reading and choosing to be a part of it. I know you probably know of someone that could use this or is looking for public speaking feedback. If you do, please forward this page to them. Also check the “Speech Analysis” section often, as there may be new speakers in need of your expertise and experience 🙂

Love and light,