Taking Cbd Oil for Public Speaking

I have seen big names fumble when they face the crowd, great personalities humbled and speechless in front of a large audience. Not because of the applause but because they are unable to speak in public.

They get red-faced, unable to mutter a word, nervous and are completely overwhelmed. It is a very disappointing sight. Various books have been written on how to overcome stage fright while addressing the public.

Classes, tutorials, and seminars are not also left out as people continually seek to overcome fear and anxiety when facing the crowd.

As a result of anxiety and fear of the crowd, a lot of people have missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Most of them fail to achieve their goals because they are unable to address the public.

Public speaking is one strenuous exercise to partake in especially if you have anxiety issues. Public speaking doesn’t necessarily have to be speaking to an audience on a stage. It could be talking to a group of friends or family members.

The fear of public speaking has even resulted in the use of performance-enhancing drugs and ultimately drug abuse. Most of these drugs are potent only for a while but provide far more damaging consequences later on. The side effects of these substances can be damaging to one’s health.

CBD for stress

It doesn’t matter if you are well-prepared, an expert in the field, or a star, you may also get nervous speaking in public. When you become anxious, the body reacts with complete panic.

There is an increased heartbeat, and you find it difficult to breathe in most cases. You start to sweat profusely while your mind completely goes blind while oblivious to your surroundings.

Sometimes, it happens without any warning. Though, most often nervousness grows far in advance of the event, leading to ever-present anxiety and stress.

However, if you take CBD oil for stress you’ll be able to boost your confidence and face the crowd.

Anxiety and fear occur as a result of your brain reacting to something. It isn’t a big deal if it only alerts your brain and warns you of any impending danger. However, it becomes a problem when the brain starts to overreact in situations where there is no real danger or threat to your life. It is as a result of being too conscious that you unknowingly become anxious and nervous.

CBD for stress

A study carried out years ago was able to determine how human beings can fare better with the use of CBD. Half of the participants took CBD before facing an audience while the rest didn’t.

There was a significant difference between the two groups at the end of the exercise. The level of anxiety and fear reduced with the users of CBD when compared with others.

According to this research, a dose of CBD oil is capable of reducing the fear of public speaking significantly.

CBD is part of the chemical compounds found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD is nonpsychoactive meaning it won’t leave you feeling stoned or high.

CBD has proven to help with public speaking and other stressful situations. The reason is that Cannabinoid affects the receptors in our bodies allowing us to handle stress more effectively.

For several years, there have been different methods and ways in which people have tried to overcome the fear of public speaking.

However, some of these methods have proved abortive offering little to douse the fear and anxiety. CBD provides a better option for dealing with public speaking because of the following benefits.

A HEALTHIER OPTION – Cannabidiol which is also known as CBD is a better and healthier substance.

YOU FEEL MORE RELAXED – CBD helps to keeps you calm without making you feel tired.

WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS – Withdrawal symptoms which occur after stopping or reducing intake of a drug is not a problem while using CBD. You don’t have to worry about such things unlike other hard drugs such as Xanax.

LITTLE OR NO SIDE EFFECTS – It doesn’t seem to have any adverse side effects, unlike most conventional drugs that have been used to handle stress and anxiety.

IT IS VERY SAFE – CBD has proven to be safe even when taken in high doses. Other conventional drugs and substances don’t entirely fit in this regard. Even when they seem relatively safe, you can’t afford to take them in high doses.

IT IS NON ADDICTIVE – One of the major criticisms of most performance inducing drugs and substances is their addictive nature. However, the use of CBD is not susceptible to addiction.

CBD oil

When going for a CBD product to relieve you of the anxiety associated with public speaking, ensure you purchase from a quality source.

Buying from a reputable source also ensures that you will be getting a product that is authentic and natural. That is, a complete plant extract created from the high resin flowers of a hemp plant which is explicitly cultivated for CBD extraction.

A full plant extract of CBD contains all the essential cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in the right proportions.

Therefore, go for CBD oil without any trace of THC in them if you are looking to treat your fear of public speaking.

Some reputable suppliers of CBD oil include:
1. BlueBird Botanicals.
2. NuLeaf Naturals.
3. Purekana.

If you are part of the massive number of people who have the phobia of public speaking, there is a way out. You can heave a sigh of relief knowing that when next you mount a podium, those feelings of anxiety and nervousness will disappear.

Studies have proven that CBD oil provides an adequate remedy for such a discomfort.
CBD reduces the fear associated with public speaking by calming down the overactivity in your brain cells which is responsible for causing the anxiety and panic.

Musicians, motivational speakers, orators and many others whose job entails communicating regularly with the crowd will find CBD oil useful in many ways.

CBD oil is available in different forms like drops, tinctures, sprays and even candy. You can also take it via an e-cigarette. Whichever one you decide to go for, they all have the same effects and functions.

Having a presentation soon and you’re already feeling jittery about it, then give CBD a try. It may just be the missing link you need to deliver that remarkable speech the audience wants to hear.

Never allow anxiety get the better of you again and mess up your long hours of efforts and preparations. Kill your fears and enjoy life to its fullest with the help of CBD.

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