Top 5 Motivational Speakers in the World

While speaking itself requires a lot of talent and stuff, motivational speaking is not simple at all. Being a motivational speaker a lot will always be expected out of you. You will always have to carry a lot real as well as inspirational tales in your pocket to sprinkle them as a part of your conversational on the go. A motivational speaker has to be original and should have the ability to touch, inspire and change the lives of the people. It is true that we hardly find such people. So here are some of the best motivational speakers, who have changed the lives of multitudes. Let’s get to the list.

Top 5 Motivational Speakers in the World

Eric Thomas:

Apart from being one of the important speakers, Eric Thomas has other dimensions as well. He runs an organisation that can cater educational and athletic counselling. He is a writer and had authored three books and is a preacher as well. Eric Thomas has a tough beginning as a child. He had to drop out of school and leave his house at a tender age. Though Eric Thomas is recognised across the world now, he had a very humble start. He has come a long way off to reach this position.

Les Brown:

Les Brown is one of the well-known American speakers across the globe. Being abandoned as a child, nothing good apart from being adopted was the greatest thing that happened a part of his childhood. Almost all the people who have listened to the talks of Les Brown know that he was adopted by a woman and that he had a medically-deficient childhood. Fighting all these odds, Les Brown has reached wherever he is today.

Nick Vujicic:

Nick is simply the embodiment of miracle, courage and determination walking around. If perseveration has a form, then it would definitely have to resemble Nick. It can be quite common to come across a person with no limbs in mercy homes, social organisations and NGOs, but not this one. This man is very much different. He has got onto all the national and international platforms. This guy is multi-talented. Imagine there are no limbs, both hands and legs, and still, he can do stuff like painting and swimming. So the list doesn’t end. He can speak well and is a person with a lot of humour. While his life itself is an inspiration, his words are better.

Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins is a multi-dimensional person. Apart from being a world-class motivational speaker, he is also a great philanthropist and writer. He has a couple of books to his credit and 4 million people visit his seminars on a yearly basis. All his books belong to the motivational genre, and most of the seminars are the infomercial ones. Tony Robbins calls himself a life coach. He has expertise in helping a person get rid of emotional and psychological trauma apart from making feel inspiring.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Most of us know Arnold Schwarzenegger only as a successful actor who has had a great and legendary existence in cinema for over 40 years. But he is also a great motivational speaker. Being a top-notch personality across the world his words and his hard work has been a great inspiration to millions of people across the globe.  This is the reason as to why Arnold Schwarzenegger is one among the best motivational speakers of the world.