Top Speakers in the Cannabis Industry

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With over half the states in the US legalizing marijuana for recreational or medical use, the demand for all types of cannabis products is on the rise. This means growth for the cannabis industry across the board and opportunities abound for those who want to become part of this unique business. Learning about cannabis edibles, the sales of marijuana products, and the new directions that the industry will take often comes from attending public speaking engagements.

There are several top public speaking professionals who relate their own experiences in the cannabis industry. Not only by their own story, but also by the information they have learned which can apply to your ambitions as well. What follows are some of the top speakers in the cannabis field and worth booking for your events or attending their seminars and lectures when possible.

Elise McRoberts

For those who are interested in becoming a top marketer of cannabis products, Elise McRoberts is one of the leaders in the industry. Through her own efforts, Elise is known as the “Cannabis IT Girl”. Her knowledge reaches across the spectrum of entertainment, technology, and harnessing marketing tools such as social media that have made her quite successful.

BigMike Straumeitis

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Certainly one of the most experienced, most interesting of all public speakers in the marijuana field, BigMike’s story of growing his own illegal marijuana crop in the early 1980s, being on the run from the law, and converting the profits made to creating Advanced Nutrients, a cannabis nutrient product line selling over $90 million worldwide, is something to hear.

For those who want to know the basics from one of the more interesting speakers in the cannabis industry, BigMike’s speaking engagements are definitely a must to attend.

Heather Cabot

One of the best storytellers, Heather has carved a unique niche in the cannabis field. Her background is in journalism, spending much of her time as a TV reporter and anchor. Her research into cannabis along with her investigative nature has led to the remarkable successful book, “Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech”. Although her background covers a wide range of subjects, for those who have a vested interest in the cannabis industry, her insight and ability to relate knowledge is one that is highly valued and makes her lectures a must to attend.

Dr. Jeff Chen

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Researcher, physician, and one of the leading social entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, Dr. Chen is one of the most celebrated, educated, and successful experts in the field of cannabis studies. The knowledge alone that Dr. Chen has acquired over the past few years is enough to make attending one of his public speaking engagements a must. This is especially true for those who want to know more about the effects, usage, and marketing of cannabis products.

From learning about new cannabis edibles to better understanding the laws that govern marijuana usage in your state, all this information and more can be discovered from the top public speaking engagements in the cannabis industry.