Will CBD oil help with public speaking

cbd oil for anxiety

You can’t run away from public speaking. You will have to face the show at some point of your life, whether it is a college or work presentation, or the speech at your best friend’s wedding; you will be somehow faced with a situation where you won’t be able to run. Don’t be scared, we have a solution for you.

CBD oil for anxiety has worked wonders but, recently it has come to surface that cannabis products are also capable of reducing panic attacks and the fear of public speaking. The anxiety or the fear that is caused due to the impending doom of speaking in public is officially termed as, ‘Glossophobia’. Research has found that this phobia is found in 73 percent of the world’s population.

Moreover, it has surpassed the fear of death in the list of “most common fears”. The fear of public speaking is connected with the fear of rejection and being left out. This makes sense as to why Glossophobia was ranked above the fear of death as a thousand years ago when someone was banished from their tribe, it had the similar meaning as eventual death. In addition to this, the fear of public speaking also includes the fear of making a mistake, and worse, the fear of being judged for it.

CBD oil or THC?

cbd oil for anxiety

It really depends on your preference but, a CBD oil for anxiety and calming down the fear of public speaking is a better idea. THC contains marijuana and it gets you high, some people prefer that because, it calms them down. However, there is a good number of people that claim that it makes them anxious instead of relaxing them.

Being calm and collected is the way to go especially during speaking in public. You need to be conscious of your surroundings and your words, but, not too conscious and that is where CBD oil for anxiety enters the play.

How do cannabis products treat fear of public speaking?

cbd oil for anxiety

In an experiment conducted on three groups of people, the participants group 1 were given the placebo one hour prior to when they had to speak in public. The other group was given 600mg of CBD oil for anxiety, and the third group was provided with none of these. Then these groups were further categorized into people who had anxiety and those who did not have any such anxiety issues. The results showed that the group which was provided with CBD oil for anxiety had considerably less stress and anxiety. The people in that group with anxiety issues had gone down to the level which can be termed as ‘health control’.

Apart from this, the experts have been studying the anti-anxiety effects of cannabis products for years now. They are keen to find out more about it because, CBD has not shown any negative side effects, no matter what the dosage, as compared to other pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety. Let’s clear up one thing, CBD oil for anxiety and other medical cannabis products do not get you high, that effect is caused by THC.